Boutique érotique - Sextoy clitoridien WOMANIZER Liberty - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Sextoy Femme WOMANIZER Liberty  - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Sextoy clitoridien WOMANIZER Liberty Rose - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Sextoy pour clitoris WOMANIZER Liberty - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Sextoy clitoridien WOMANIZER Liberty - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Stimulateur clitoridien WOMANIZER liberty - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Sextoy WOMANIZER Liberty bordeau  - Minuit Treize

Womanizer Liberty

Stimulateur clitoridien

Le meilleur compagnon de voyage

"Discover the ideal travel companion from Womanizer, the famous brand of intense pleasure..."


  • Compatible lubrifiant à base d'eau
  • 1
    Convient aux débutans
  • Pour usage externe
  • 100% étanche

How to use it?

The Womanizer LIBERTY clitoral stimulator is the perfect companion!

The so-called "contactless" suction waves of its Pleasure Air technology will guarantee you intense orgasms. With its elegant protective case, your Womanizer LIBERTY will slip easily into your suitcase, with the promise of incredible orgasms wherever you are.

Its Pleasure Air Technology : Designed for your greatest pleasure, the Womanizer Liberty is equipped with a one-of-a-kind innovation: Pleasure Air technology. His particuliarity ? Stimulate the clitoris without direct contact. Delicate pulsed air vibrations exert a simultaneous dual action of suction and massage, for an extraordinary orgasm.

IPX7 waterproofing : Do you want to have fun in the water? your Womanizer Liberty being "IPX7 waterproof", it lends itself to all your desires, whether it's a long naughty bath, a naughty shower or even a pool party!

6 Levels of Intensity : Whether you prefer gentleness, power, or a happy medium in between, your next orgasm is at your fingertips. Intensity levels are perfectly balanced and offer settings to suit every mood.

An additional head of stimulation : We are all beings with unique body and beauty. This is why each Womanizer box includes two sizes of stimulation heads that adapt to all anatomy.

Its travel cap : Your clitoral stimulator has a travel cap for optimal hygiene. Something to spice up all your getaways.

A tireless companion : Four hours of battery life!! just a few minutes to get satisfaction: how many orgasms can that represent? Do the math yourself.

Attention ! Only use your Womanizer Liberty with a water-based lubricant.

As for each of your intimate toys, remember to always wash them with a little water and neutral soap before and after use. A specific sex toy cleaner can be used in addition to disinfect it.

For further

The clitoris or "pink button", is the most sensitive organ of the whole body. So sensitive that direct contact on the glans can be painful. Its external stimulation provides a rapid rise in pleasure and orgasm. Explore it gently, and you will gain direct access to 7th heaven.

It exists for our greatest pleasure, do not deprive yourself of it.

Here are some books that will teach you more:


  • Stimulation Head Material: Hypoallergenic body-safe silicone
  • Materials: ABS
  • Weight: 90g
  • Dimensions: 105mm x 50mm x 40mm
  • Womanizer warranty: 5 years

Your Womanizer Liberty comes with an additional larger stimulation head, a magnetic USB charging cable and a user manual.

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