Erotic cosmetics

Naughty cosmetics for hot moments

What do you call erotic cosmetics?

Erotic cosmetics include a wide category of products intended to spice up your sex life and intensify your pleasure. They have the clear advantage of being so varied that there is something for everyone and are rather easy to integrate into your sexuality . But above all they will quickly become the allies of your intimate life.


Let me introduce you to our collection of naughty cosmetics. You will find massage candles , body paint , edible massage oils , warming massage oils, glosses with hot-cold sensations , lubricants in various flavors or even stimulating creams.


If they are not essential to our pleasure, they are nevertheless very interesting erotic accessories to explore to embellish, excite, stimulate, lubricate or simply revive the laziness of desires . You can integrate them into your daily life or keep them on hand to experience new sensations and experiences .

Intensified your pleasure with naughty cosmetics

Massage oils and massage candles : an invitation to caresses and the pleasures of the senses. This is an opportunity for you to discover every part of your partner's body and to dwell on these erogenous zones . Taking the time to discover bodies is very important for a fulfilling sexuality and to put yourself in the best possible mood. Massage oils heated or not, edible or not, with sensual and varied scents, it's up to you to choose what will make you shiver with pleasure!


Body paint : it's an opportunity for you to let go and let your creativity speak! Ideal when looking to spice up your sex life or savor your partner with the tip of your tongue. You choose what you will use as a brush. Integrating this type of accessories into our erotic daily life reminds us to take the time to revel in our partner. Choose your favorite flavor and it's up to you!


Stimulating creams and hot-cold glosses : Kisses are already extremely arousing, but imagine when you wear a hot-cold gloss and kiss your nipples just before blowing lightly on them… you realize that the we can take off very quickly! Stimulating creams will amplify your sensations and your pleasure ! Some are specific for dedicated areas (clitoris, G-zone, etc.) and others will allow you to leave your icy or burning kisses all over your body.


Lubricants : Contrary to popular belief , lubricant is a great ally for all of us! The lubricant guarantees you softer intimate caresses, and it is also very important during penetration to allow greater comfort. There are also varied tastes, varied textures, some are edible and others are not. Pay attention to the compatibility of lubricants if you include other erotic toys in your reports. I let you read our article on the subject to find out more 😉


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