Boutique érotique - Lithothérapie Oeuf de Yoni Quartz Rose- Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Lithothérapie Oeuf de Yoni Améthyste- Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Lithothérapie Oeuf de Yoni Aventurine- Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Lithothérapie Oeuf de Yoni Obsidienne- Minuit Treize

Yoni egg

Santé intime

Equilibre et bien-être

"The Yoni egg is essential for a balanced and fulfilled intimate health. It is recognized for its emotional virtues and not only allows us to reconnect with our intimacy and our femininity, but also to improve our genital health."


  • Compatible lubrifiant silicone
  • Compatible lubrifiant à base d'eau
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How to use it?

Before any use, it is imperative to wash the Yoni egg and change its string. For economic and hygienic reasons I advise you to replace it with non-mentholated and non-waxed dental floss.

Wash your egg with mild soap and water then pat dry with a clean towel. Use a sex toy cleaner in addition to destroy all bacteria. Don't forget to do the same with the pierced part of your Yoni egg.

Start by emptying your bladder so that you don't feel any discomfort during insertion. Then relax. A few deep breaths, why not a few caresses, will allow you to relax your vagina and thus facilitate the insertion of your Yoni egg.

While lying down (legs bent and feet on the bed), slowly insert the wide end of your Yoni Egg into your vagina.

The ideal would be to wear your egg for about twenty minutes a day. Prioritize regularity over duration to enjoy its benefits.

Attention ! Remember to change the twine regularly to avoid bacteria.

For further

Lithotherapy refers to an unconventional medicine that uses stones to improve our well-being. According to the stones, they would have the ability to calm, tone, balance, soothe, etc.

Choosing the right Yoni egg also means choosing the right stone according to these virtues.

The pink quartz   : considered as the crystal of love for several centuries, it brings love and self-confidence and soothes states of stress (Chakras: Sacred, of the heart)

Violet amethyst : is a violet mineral symbol of serenity and wisdom. It soothes anxiety and brings mental calm. (Chakras: Crown)

Green aventurine : is a stone that symbolizes peace and mental balance. It participates in the development and the blooming of the spirit and allows to gain in serenity. (Chakras: Throat)

Black obsidian : is a volcanic stone called "protective". For many years it has been used to accelerate healing and harmonize inner thoughts. Its deep black color symbolizes balance and stability. (Chakras: Root, 3rd eye)


  • Size S :
    • Diameter: 2cm
    • Weight: 16g and 18g depending on the stone
  • Size M :
    • Diameter: 2.5cm
    • Weight: 32g and 38g depending on the stone
  • Size L :
    • Diameter: 3cm
    • Weight: 50g and 60g depending on the stone
  • Heaviest stones: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine
  • Lightest Stones: Purple Amethyst, Black Obsidian
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