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Enhance your assets with our sexy jewelry

It's not just lingerie that can enhance your assets and highlight your sex appeal. Sexy body jewelry or sensual accessories , there are bound to be some that will make you fall in love. Browse our online store and discover our selection of sexy accessories to feel good in your head, in your body, and in your pleasure. Arouse desire and cultivate your eroticism!

What do we think of when we talk about body jewelry?

Body jewelry or sexy jewelry is neither more nor less jewelry that will sublimate and eroticize certain parts of your body. They are perfect for highlighting a pretty neckline in your back, sublimating your shoulders or your waist, dressing your ankles and the plunging neckline that you wear... Some models even offer you other opportunities by transforming into a submission collar , or even as a whip… enough to spark ideas and awaken fantasies.


Sexy body jewelry is not just for an erotic evening, it makes you feel good about yourself, sensual.le and can be worn in your daily life, it is both elegant and discreet with a nice everyday outfit.


Do not hesitate to combine them, you can succumb to the beauty of a magnificent necklace very plunging into your neckline and deliciously hide sexy nipple covers in this same neckline... Minuit Treize to live in perfect harmony with your body, your sensuality, and his pleasure.


So what are you going to choose?

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Bijoux de poitrine

Bijoux Indiscrets

2 Color s
Pure - Plug

Plug Anal


Out of stock
Beautiful pendant


Bijoux Indiscrets

25,00€ 34,90€
Metallic Desire


Bijoux Indiscrets

15,00€ 24,90€
3 Color s
2 Size s
Jet - SWAROVSKI Crystal

Plug Anal


3 Size s
star flash


Bijoux Indiscrets

2 Color s
Gorgeous anklets

Chaînes de pieds

Bijoux Indiscrets

25,00€ 39,90€
2 Color s
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