Ina Wave


La promesse de vagues de plaisir

"Its 2 branches adapt to all morphologies, but above all you have to try its Wave function which knows exactly how to excite our G-spot. That said, if it's your very first sex toy, it's not the easiest to But don't worry, you'll soon be able to appreciate it at its fair value!"


  • Compatible lubrifiant à base d'eau
  • 2
    Convient aux habitué.es
  • Pour usage interne
  • 100% étanche

How to use it?

To differentiate itself from more classic rabbit vibrators whose branch intended for vaginal stimulation is generally rigid, that of the Ina Wave is articulated and moves like a finger telling us "come here". The entire Ina Wave is covered in completely waterproof medical silicone.

We are dealing here with a pleasant, soft rabbit with very satisfactory dimensions: 11 centimeters for the vaginal branch, and 6 centimeters for the completely flexible clitoral branch to best adapt to all morphologies.

The Wave function provides very special wave sensations that deeply excite your erogenous zones.

As always, start by washing your Ina Wave with water and neutral soap and/or a special cleaner for sex toys for its antibacterial effect. Use a little water-based lubricant and then choose what you like from its 10 stimulation modes. You have 2 hours to venture into a world of double orgasms.

Lelo's Ina Wave isn't easy to pick up for the first time. You might think it's a disadvantage, but not at all, it's mainly because it offers a lot of possibilities for a first.

Give him a chance! You will soon become addicted.

Attention ! Only use your INA WAVE with a water-based lubricant.

As for each of your intimate toys, remember to always wash them with a little water and neutral soap before and after use. A specific sex toy cleaner can be used in addition to disinfect it.

For further

No no, the G-spot is not a myth!

If you went looking for him and didn't find him, don't give up, this shy guy only shows up when you need him. Beyond its somewhat rougher appearance than the rest of your intimate lining, the G-spot is only noticeable when it swells with excitement. So turn up the excitement!

Here are some books that will allow you to explore your erogenous zones:


  • 10 stimulation modes with adjustable speeds
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • 2 hours of continuous use
  • 100% ultra-soft and biocompatible silicone design
  • Vaginal branch length: 11cm
  • Length of the clitoral branch: 6 cm

Your Ina Wave comes in an elegant box containing a satin pouch for storage, as well as the user manual and a one-year Lelo warranty.

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