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Passion et sérénité sont au rendez-vous

"This is an ideal gift box to share sensual moments of relaxation and pleasure of the senses! As usual Shunga offers us products made from ingredients selected with the greatest care and certified organic for our greatest pleasure!"


How to use it?

This box of products with aphrodisiac and lubricating properties is ideal for enjoying unforgettable moments of pleasure!

Organica erotic massage oil (250ml) : this delicate massage oil with pear aromas (not edible) is made in Canada and composed of certified ingredients from organic farming. Its fluid and creamy texture is perfect for a sensual massage.

Black Lotus arousal gel (60ml) : Apply this arousing gel with your fingertips to increase the sensations tenfold. You can use it in massage on the clitoris or on the foreskin. Its texture is fluid and penetrating. Be careful not to be too heavy handed on the quantity to apply, a hazelnut will suffice to increase your sensations tenfold.

Oriental Bath Crystals (400g): These bath salts are scented with lotus flower and come 100% from the Dead Sea. Their emerald color will sublimate your bubble and relaxing bath.

"Intimate Kisses" organic aphrodisiac oil (100ml): This warming aphrodisiac oil is an edible oil with a delicious taste and feel. Something to excite your senses! Don't hesitate to go all over your partner's body, it's your tender breath that will activate the hot/cold effect of the oil. You can use it freely on all parts of the body.

Water-based lubricant - Bio Toko Organica (165 ml): And to complete this wonderful set, a   water-based intimate lubricant perfectly designed to adapt to the sensitivity of the vaginal flora. It faithfully reproduces the softness of natural lubrication. Its highly lubricating power is recommended for the use of silicone sex toys and is compatible with all condoms for both anal and vaginal use.

For further

Immerse yourself in the loving and sensual language of physical relationships. The art of erotic touch can be learned with simple, effective and varied techniques to intensify your sensations.

Here are some books that will allow you to explore your body, that of your partner and your erogenous zones:


  • Organica erotic massage oil (250ml): composed of certified ingredients from organic farming (sunflower, rapeseed, vine, sesame, natural vitamin E, avocado.) Inedible pear aroma.
  • Black Lotus Arousal Gel (60ml): this gel contains Damania and Arginine with aphrodisiac properties. This tangy-smelling gel is edible and hypoallergenic. (Be careful not to use it in case of pregnancy or genital herpes-type STIs).
  • Oriental Bath Crystals (400g): Lotus flower scented bath salts, 100% from the Dead Sea. A shell for pouring bath salts Included in the box.
  • "Intimate Kisses" organic aphrodisiac oil (100ml): this aphrodisiac oil that provides hot and cold effects is made from certified organic and edible ingredients.
  • Water-Based Lubricant - Bio Toko Organica (165ml): This water-based lubricant is made with hypoallergenic ingredients and 100% organic plant extracts. It is guaranteed paraben-free and fragrance-free. It does not stick and does not stain. It is composed of certified 100% organic glycerin and a natural derivative of corn. Its non-greasy water-based composition is easily removed without leaving traces
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