Boutique érotique - Sextoy N'joy Pure Plug Anal - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Plug Anal N'joy Pure Plug - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Sextoy N'joy Pure - Plug Anal - Minuit Treize
N'joy Pure - Plug - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - N'joy Pure - Plug Anal - Minuit Treize

Pure - Plug

Plug Anal

Un design sublime

"The Pure Plug is a pure marvel. Both aesthetically and in its use. The firmness of the steel and its weight contribute to a delicious sensation when inserting it."


  • Compatible lubrifiant silicone
  • Compatible lubrifiant à base d'eau
  • 1
    Convient aux débutants
  • Pour usage Interne

How to use it?

The handle of the Pure Plug makes it very convenient to insert and remove it. The range is aimed both at beginners wishing to discover anal sensations and at adepts and experienced. The curves are soft, silvery and perfectly sized. You have seen it, its design is magnificent! He deserves to be exposed.

Prepare its insertion with massages accompanied by lubricant. Put a few drops of lubricant also on your plug, Take the time to relax your anal area and then insert the plug gently.

After a few seconds, your muscle relaxes and adapts to the jewelry. Without pushing it further for the moment, you can turn it on itself, gradually widening the circles. The muscle pressure will gradually decrease and the plug will sink a little further.

Good news ! Your Plug is compatible with any type of lubricant!

As for each of your intimate toys, remember to always wash them with a little water and neutral soap before and after use. A specific sex toy cleaner can be used in addition to disinfect it.

For further

The anal plug has several vocations, but then jewel or sex toy? It's up to you !

The reasons for wearing a butt plug are varied.

It may be for sexual stimulation, or to increase pleasure by stimulating deep erogenous zones, or to increase sensations tenfold during intercourse, or to prepare your body for penetration, or simply to wear it like jewelry. and taste the excitement of an erotic secret.

Do not hesitate to wear an anal plug to explore your sexuality and discover all your erogenous zones.


  • Small: 6 cm long / 2.5 cm head
  • Medium: 6.5 cm long / 3.2 cm head
  • Large: 7 cm long / 3.8 cm head
  • Surgical steel
  • 100% waterproof
  • Compatible with any type of lubricant
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