Mini Caresse - Strawberry Sparkling wine

Bougie de massage

Une ambiance chaude et sensuelle

"The evening begins with a subdued and fragrant atmosphere, then very quickly drifts into a warm and sensual massage. Mini Caresse is a pleasant alternative to massage oils."


How to use it?

Mini Caresse massage candles offer you subtle aromas, a non-greasy and penetrating texture for long-lasting hydration. The warmth of the oil combined with sensual caresses will give you moments of intense excitement.

In addition to being elegant and having a delicate fragrance, massage candles are easy to use. Light the wick, let it melt, until you have the desired amount of oil. I suggest about twenty minutes, which you will be able to use. Then, extinguish the flame so as not to burn yourself. You can pour the oil in your hand, or on the body, but I recommend that you test the heat of the oil first.

For solitary or accompanied use, all that remains is for me to wish you a good moment of relaxation and sensuality!

Shunga is the world leader in erotic cosmetics. Literally translated "Shunga" means "spring image", a delicate way of referring to the mating season.

*Avoid applying oil to the mucous membranes, if your caresses slip, use a suitable lubricant instead. You will always be advised to test products on a small patch of skin. If you have an allergic reaction you will see it quickly.

For further

Plongez -vous dans le langage amoureux et sensuel des relations physiques. L'art du toucher érotique peut s'apprendre avec des techniques simples, efficaces et variées pour intensifier vos sensations.

Voici quelques ouvrages qui vous permettront d'explorer votre corps, celui de votre partenaire et vos zones érogènes :


  • Contenance : 170ml
  • Durée de vie : 45 heures
  • Testées dermatologiquement
  • Hydration longue durée
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