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"This book, essential for those interested in love and sexuality, concentrates all of Brigitte Lahaie's learning and thought. It reads like a long conversation with her, in the generous and accessible tone that characterizes her. "


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A fundamental work on love and sexuality: all Brigitte Lahaie's advice for loving yourself better.

On the strength of her personal experiences and the thousands of listeners whom she listens to with kindness every day, Brigitte Lahaie offers here a real art of loving, so that sex is no longer considered only as a performance or a marital duty, and that stop the taboos. The book is peppered with practical advice and exercises to achieve harmony between the heart and the body: yes, love can last a lifetime and sexuality, despite its complexity, can lead to enjoyment while uplifting the spirits.

You will discover, chapter after chapter :

  • How the woman can free herself throughout her life;
  • Masculine desire and virility;
  • The language of the body and its articulation with that of the heart;
  • Love and its different forms, the wounds that can prevent loving serenely;
  • Sensuality, its importance and how to develop it;
  • The pillars of sexuality, its different stages and how to live it best;
  • The secrets of happy couples;
  • Learning to let go, essential for a peaceful relationship with others;
  • The Seven Levels of Being;
  • The sacred sex, the positions and techniques to achieve it.

Brigitte Lahaie, emblematic figure of eroticism in France, distills her advice to a public of very loyal listeners every day on Sud Radio. She is the author of numerous books, including L'Amour et Vous (Albin Michel, 2015), Le Bûcher des Sexes (Albin Michel, 2019). at the Musardine, she directs the "Psycho-Love" collection, devoted to questions of the couple, love and sexuality, in which she has already published Réussir son couple, c'est possible!


  • Author: Brigitte Lahaie
  • Publisher: La Musardine
  • 230 pages
  • French language
  • Publication date: 05/20/2021
  • Size: 16 x 21 cm
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