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"This is a beautiful book on the awakened body of women, which reconciles a physiological, practical and spiritual approach. "


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A work on the awakened body of women, which reconciles a physiological, practical and spiritual approach.

This manual is the result of an embodied experience: that of being born in a girl's body, then becoming a woman in a culture that constantly sends back to us the idea that without drugs, contraception, hormones, or epidurals, we are not free.
AJ Dirtystein has gathered here creative practices and exploratory exercises to reconnect with the intelligence of her feminine physiology. In this way, she invites to a personal and collective ecology of the body, by getting rid of the idea that it is necessary to intervene on it to feel free. Examine yourself alone, explore your menstrual cycle, make your gynecological tree, manage your fertility, practice free flow, amplify your sexual energy, ejaculate during orgasm or even prepare your childbirth in the ecstasy and privacy of your home. ... So many practices that involve a certain letting go and allow you to connect to a greater and more anchored self-awareness.
Through understanding our biology, meditations, symbolic creations and magical rituals, this book aims to guide you to see yourself fully, with eyes wide open, without taboos or judgments, and accept yourself as human. , with all the beauty, humility and magnificent imperfections that entails.


  • Author: Aj Dirtystein
  • Publisher: La Musardine
  • 223 pages
  • French language
  • Publication date: 14/10/2021
  • Size: 16 x 21 cm

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