Boutique érotique - Jeu coquin Tease & Please Mission intime - Classique - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Jeux érotique Tease & Please Mission intime - Classique - Minuit Treize

Intimate Mission - Classic

Jeux coquins

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"It's up to you to determine what your intimate mission is! I recommend this game to all those who want to give a playful, intimate and exciting character to their sexuality!"


How to use it?

Many have played there before you. Indeed, for several years now, the game 'Mission Intime Classic Edition' has enjoyed unprecedented success, in France and abroad. It is published in all major languages and sold in more than 30 countries. If you haven't played it yet..., get started and spice up your sexuality while having fun.

Mission Intime takes you on a journey of discovery to the realm of pleasure. By answering questions (240) and completing missions (240), you and your partner find out what you really like. The game starts with sweet and romantic missions (Tender Mission), then moves to more intimate missions (Intimate Mission) and finally culminates in Passionate Missions (Fiery Mission). A game where everything is allowed and where nothing is obligatory. By playing, you break down barriers and thus come closer to each other. It's a disarming game, exciting, direct and daring, sometimes hilarious, but we always play it with respect for others. In this game, there is nothing mandatory and all missions can be completed as you see fit.

Before starting the actual game, each of the players announces what their intimate mission is. It could be a long-standing erotic wish or just breakfast in bed. The winner is the one who sees his intimate mission come true, and it is the partner who realizes this wish. So in this game there is virtually no loser.

For further

Intimate Mission is a game reserved for adults whose motto is: nothing is obligatory but everything is possible. This game can serve as a starting point and/or a source of inspiration for an original and pleasant erotic game to be shared between two adult partners.

This game is centered on paying attention to his/her partner(s). It allows you to get closer to each other by revealing your hidden faces. Fun is at the center of this game.

'Mission Intime' is disarming, exciting, direct and daring, sometimes hilarious but always respectful of the other. What desire or fantasy lies dormant in you? What would you like us to do to you?

This game opens the possibility of talking about your desires and fantasies in complete freedom.


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