Boutique érotique - Dildo céramique Désirables DALIA - Minuit Treize
Désirables DALIA - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Godemichet céramique Désirables DALIA - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Godemichet Désirables DALIA - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - Dildo Désirables DALIA - Minuit Treize



Plaisir et rééducation

"The Dalia is a handmade porcelain dildo created by the Montreal company Désirables. It is an ideal ally to reconcile pleasure and the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor. Specially designed to help women regain pleasure in their sexuality it will make you happy!"


  • Compatible lubrifiant silicone
  • Compatible lubrifiant à base d'eau
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How to use it?

The Dalia is a handmade porcelain dildo created by the Montreal company Désirables (founded by a woman).

It was designed with the aim of helping women reach orgasm through G-spot stimulation. The curves and ends of the Dalia have been designed for this purpose.

This dildo does not vibrate, because the goal of the Dalia is to discover your body and take the time you need to do yourself good (self-pleasure).

It can also help with Kegel exercises and internal massages thanks to the more rounded tip. The porcelain used is imported directly from Limoges, because it is one of the best porcelains that exist! Porcelain is kiln-fired at over 1,400°C and renders its surface completely vitrified and non-porous.

Porcelain is a healthy material for the body and therefore quite suitable for an erotic toy and compatible with all types of lubricants!

The Dalia is also hypoallergenic and biocompatible, making this dildo a very good choice for women who have recently given birth, who are doing pelvic rehab or who have faced illness, such as cancer.

For further

Some exercises for the pelvic floor to perform with the Dalia

Intravaginal massage using the Dalia

The more tapered tip allows you to target specific areas for your massages. Perfect for pressure points and knots. The more rounded tip has been designed to perform a so-called "surface" massage, that is to say to relax the targeted areas.

Start with breathing exercises. You will be calmer and have a better awareness of the state of your pelvic floor.

  1. Lie on your back on a sturdy surface (floor, yoga mat, or your bed), bend your knees, and place your feet apart.
  2. You can warm the Dalia in your hands by manipulating it for a few seconds. We also advise you to add a little lubricant on it to facilitate insertion.
  3. Insert the rounder tip inside the vagina, you should have a small portion on the outside for you to manipulate and direct the tip to the desired area.
  4. Gently slide the tip of the massager over your vaginal walls, as if massaging them with your thumb. Sliding from top to bottom (head to toe).
  5. Once the muscles are relaxed, remove your internal massager to insert the more tapered tip and begin to gently massage your pressure points with circular gestures.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercises (Beginner)

Inspired by Kegels exercises, contraction exercises consist of a series of contractions of the muscles of your vaginal wall.

If you have just done the relaxation exercises suggested above, keep the same position. Alternatively, lie on your back on a hard surface (floor, yoga mat, or bed).

  1. Bend your knees and spread your feet apart.
  2. Insert the rounded tip of the dildo into your vagina until half the length of the massager is inside.
  3. Now try to encircle the bulb of the Dalia using your internal muscles. Hold for 5 seconds.
  4. As you exhale, make sure you release the tension in your muscles.
  5. Release for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise between 5 and 10 times. With practice, increase the time and number of repetitions.

Pelvic floor strengthening exercises (advanced - resistance)

When you feel that you have regained some tone in the pelvic floor, and that your pain is now just a bad memory, you can perform resistance exercises.

The principle of this exercise with the Dalia is quite simple, we want to train your pelvic floor by imposing a certain resistance on it, which will increase its strength in the long term.

  1. Lie down on a comfortable surface and make sure your back is up
  2. Insert your internal massager.
  3. Contract your pelvic floor
  4. Take the outer tip of the Dalia and try to pull it out while continuing to contract your pelvic floor. Hold for 3 seconds at first, you can increase to 5 seconds over time.
  5. Release muscle tension for 5-7 seconds.
  6. You can repeat this exercise 3-5 times per workout.


  • Vibration free - technically there is no need for vibration to stimulate the G-spot since this area is stimulated by pressure
  • Phthalate and plastic free - 100% healthy for the body
  • Non-porous
  • 100% made from Limoges porcelain
  • Designed, handmade and packaged in Montreal
  • Compatible with all types of lubricants
  • Can be sterilized in the oven or in boiling water
  • Can be cooled or warmed for different sensations
  • Smooth surface - matte finish that provides a good grip
  • Allows easy cleaning with mild soap
  • Ambidextrous use
  • Helps to reduce menstrual pain thanks to internal massages
  • 100% waterproof
  • 5 year warranty with Désirable
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