Boutique érotique - BDSM Fifty Shades of Grey Bound to You - Hogtie - Minuit Treize
Boutique érotique - BDSM Fifty Shades of Grey Bound to You - Hogtie - Minuit Treize

Bound to You - Hogtie

Kit de contraintes

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"The Hogtie Bound to You Restraint binds the hands and ankles to restrict movement. You don't have to be a bondage fan to experience the pleasure of erotic restraint. Whether you're a novice or not, they'll suit you just fine. ."


How to use it?

Live your own BDSM experience with the Fifty Shades of Gray range. The Bound to You collection offers you a whole range of accessories to combine with each other to increase your pleasure tenfold and live new erotic experiences.

Hogtie Bound to You restraints bind hands and ankles to restrict movement during your erotic adventures.

Robust, the Hogtie fasteners are made of black imitation leather enhanced by gold metal details. They are composed of four carabiners to allow you to hang handcuffs or the spreader bar to realize your fantasy of constraint.

For further

Routine is undoubtedly the number one enemy of our sexuality. Nothing is more effective than thinking outside the box to boost your libido. Sometimes, activating areas of the brain that are not normally used can make it easier to reach orgasm.

But why does domination affect our nervous system, and therefore our body?

Researchers have looked into the subject by testing followers of BDSM (Bondage, discipline, Domination - submission and masochism) and the results are clear: soft or more advanced BDSM practices simply cause a change in our state of consciousness. because there is an action on the irrigation of the brain, it is also the case in meditation for example.

It's surprising but very real: doing Yoga or practicing BDSM leads to comparable effects.

Here are some books that may inspire you:


  • High quality black leatherette
  • Length 25 cm
  • Width 25cm
  • Nickel-free golden metal parts
  • Satin storage pouch
  • Plastic-free packaging

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