Intimate and sonorous: 4 porncasts for everyone

Intimate and sonorous: 4 porncasts for everyone

4 free and inclusive porncasts to resonate in your headphones like a revolutionary buzz, selected by Minuit Treize.

Fantasize through hearing instead of consuming prefabricated images, this is the delicate bet made by the erotic podcast (or porncast), an alternative format that wants to convey different things about pleasure. More creative and more open, this new sound object displays color: exploring the auditory dynamics of excitement by moving away from heteronormative conventions modeled on male desire (real or imagined). Wanting to be a new sexual space to conquer, these productions are indeed for the majority made by women and for women . The only prerequisite to enjoy them is to have a good pair of headphones, and to pay special attention to the sounds of sex.


Rest assured, an erotic podcast does not - necessarily - mean 20 minutes of loud screams with 35 female orgasms per minute. Audio sex is above all the delicate art of suggestion and expectation with an ounce of poetry. No close-ups, no full waxing, no perfect bodies. Just you, the audio tape, and your imagination. Minuit Treize offers you a selection of 4 free and inclusive porncasts, far from the power dynamics and sexist clichés that cross the porn industry, to make your headphones resound like a revolutionary buzz.


Voxxx: ultra sensual and feminist ASMR

 Ultra-slick descriptions to become aware of your body , calls to gently relax all the way to your toes, and mouth noises… lots of mouth noises. Voxxx are “Invitations to pleasure for audiophile clits”, dedicated to all people who identify as women, and with slightly sensitive ears. The directors, Olympe de G. & Lélé O, compose various formats: directed masturbation sessions with or without accessories as in Le Gode , erotic fiction by the pool with Les Brugnons , or even more hardcore audioporn in a trio with Toi et Him. And him (the good surprise in this episode is that we finally hear men vocalize their enjoyment). As many voices as emotions, each of them brings its stone to the edifice of pleasure: sometimes soft and suave with Lélé O, rather clear and perky with Venice Bitch, deep and vibrant with Hugo Laretin... It's up to you to designate the refuge of your desires.


Our favourite: Tendre Gang Bang , a binaural edging session narrated by Lélé O and his gang of 6 girls, for heightened sensations.


ctrlX: to those books you can only read with one hand

 Literature lovers, this one is for you. The ctrlX collective is an independent group made up of authors and authors, actors and actresses from the digital world, literature and theater, which offers sound adaptations of erotic literary texts. They create innovative sound interpretations whose objective is to warm up those who listen by drawing on French and foreign heritage. At the crossroads of genres, we will find Les Onze Mille Verges by Guillaume Apollinaire interpreted by Clio Meyer, La Mort by Georges Bataille interpreted by Juliette Coulon, or the classic Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan, interpreted by Charlotte Marquardt. A sulphurous library that gives pride of place to these works “that you can only read with one hand”.


Our favourite: La Cantatrice Chauffe , the first audio porn-opera written by Genghis Tchaipuki against a backdrop of lyrical singing, seagulls and ebbing waves.


Confisekse: reading sexts from confinement

 For some, the experience of confinement has been synonymous with estrangement from the loved one and/or the desired body. This is how the idea of ​​Confisekse emerged in the minds of Solène Moulin and Juliette Hammé, the directors of this erotic and poetic podcast. The performers read out loud sexts (for the uninitiated: a sext is a sexually explicit electronic message). Each word, each syllable is pronounced with patience and finesse to really count. And it works, it's full of love and images! This series also has the particularity of being entirely dedicated to lesbian and bisexual people. The episodes (currently 6 in number) offer to discover fragments of intimacy, exchanges full of intoxicated promises and burning desires on a background of electronic music.


Our favourite: You liquefy yourself , an episode in which the readers openly ask themselves the questions of the desire of the other, and which therefore implicitly tackles the subject of consent.


Sounds Of Pleasure: a participatory audioblog

 Have you ever dreamed of turning on a sizzling tape recorder during your antics, alone, in pairs, in threes? Sounds Of Pleasure is a participatory audioblog of more than 1400 sound capsules, powered by and for all of you. Slow sex, BDSM, spanking, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, erotic fiction, whispering... Revise your English to find the recordings that sound like you in this ocean of real sounds. Be careful, there is something for everyone in terms of content, duration and recording quality (we are not going to lie to each other, this one sometimes leaves something to be desired). You are shyly wondering how to send your entry to this deluge of porncasts, aren't you? Nothing could be simpler: be of legal age (of course), and ensure the consent of your partner (if there is a partner!) to make the session public.


Our favorite: Sweet Talk , “non erotic, safe for work”, states the description. A man talks about his deepest feelings while watching his partner sleep. Quite simply.

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