3 alternative porn sites to enjoy differently

3 alternative porn sites to enjoy differently

Questioning the values ​​and production conditions of X films: 3 alternative porn sites selected by Minuit Treize for a more ethical consumption of pronography.

The codes of mainstream porn have not finished making us nauseous: between the titles (“Little whore sucks her stepbrother”, “This slut gets her ass fucked by 2 huge cocks”) with incestuous and putophobic accents, the absence of any notion of consent, the one-upmanship modeled on real or supposed hetero-centered and cis-centered fantasies, we sometimes no longer know which productions to go to without feeling a deep disturbance . However, this is not a malaise directed towards pornography in itself, but rather towards its lack of ethics .


Ethics is, however, a notion that is subjective to say the least: there is no universal definition of ethics, since what we consider to be "good" or "bad" is based on moral values ​​that change according to our perspectives, our cultures and our intimate experiences. Several critical angles emerge, however, about ethics in pornography : first, the normalization of scenes of abuse, often created by men, for men and centered on penetration. Then, the conditions under which the films are produced: respect for the limits of the actors, remuneration of the TDS (*sex workers) and all the people involved in the filming.


The pornographic language is nevertheless capable of creating different films. So where do you find these alternative, more artistic creations that rely on feminism and inclusivity ? Where can you find films promoting the reality and diversity of bodies, practices and emotions related to sex? Minuit Treize offers you 3 resources to (re)discover porn differently. No surprise: “ethical” porn is often not free.


Lustery: DIY and community spirit

 Homemade, sincere and without acting.rice: this is the bet made by the Lustery platform. On this site created by photographer and producer Paulita Pappel , each contributor.ice couple (hetero, homosexual, queer) lives their passion and shares their sexual reality: from the softest to the most hardcore, from mutual masturbation to penetration. We thus find ourselves immersed in the intimacy of hyper creative duos/trios, face to face with their laughter and their tears, their kinks (*fantasies) and their accessories , their love and their imperfections. A sincerity that makes us question the term “amateur porn”.


The site also proposes to integrate a community focused on positive sexuality , in order to exchange both on sexual well-being and on one's monogamous or polyamorous emotional relationships, for example. The little extras: Ms Blah's monthly horoscope and Aria Vega's advice articles, the last of which precisely questions the place of pornography in the couple (“ Ask Aria: Why Does My Boyfriend Prefer Porn Over Me? ”). The annual subscription is $8 per month (less than 7 euros), cheaper than a Netflix subscription.


Else Cinema: eroticism and impact

 A cinematic exploration of soft erotica . This expression, which seems almost oxymoronic, in fact designates eroticism through sensuality and awakening : two axes that run through the catalog of Else Cinema , a streaming platform that prefers the suggestive experience of porn to its trashy side. Despite the insistence on the soft side and not explicit, we reassure you: there are still beautiful sex scenes.


We manage to find our way around the catalog rather well, in particular thanks to impactful thematic monthly selections: for example Age is Beauty (a set of eight films showing the pleasures and bodies of older people) or Sex work is work (four erotic productions whose scripts address the subject of sex work).


Erika Lust wanted to start a new wave in pornographic cinema by following a more ethical production process that focuses on several points: showing the pleasure of women and cultural diversity ; remunerate the entire film production chain fairly by guaranteeing the well-being of everyone; to vouch for the consent of the actors as well as their sexual health. An annual subscription amounting to $8.95 per month. Still less than a Netflix subscription.


Four chambers: contemporary and experimental

 A really different proposition for those who want to discover the full artistic potential of pornography ! Four Chambers offers films and series with frank and marked aesthetics, colors, moods, textures, sounds and music that are an integral part of the pornographic experience. The film Automaton, for example (third part of the Machine Learning Experiment series), explores the link between sex and technology: we see a person being penetrated by a machine mimicking the back and forth with a sex toy , to electronic music . At the same time, this same person exposes himself to different cameras which zoom in on his glottis, his pupils, the image itself being broadcast on screens which surround him. Both disconcerting and exciting .


Many of these films - whose genre is sometimes difficult to identify - are screened and awarded prizes at arthouse film festivals . This project created by actress and self-taught director Vex Ashley aims to be inclusive: some films are accessible with subtitles or audio description; the performers are all presented, with a significant proportion of trans people, fat people (notably the multidisciplinary artist Courtney Trouble who defines herself as “ genderqueer fat woman porn star ”) , of non-white people… In short, everything that does not correspond to the dominant norm of body gender and sexuality, is filmed in great beauty.


An annual subscription at $9 per month, which unsurprisingly is still no higher than a Netflix subscription. Our favourite: The Reverence .

Feel free to explore these different styles of pornography to find the one that best speaks to your desires while matching your values. Because that's also what sexual well-being is: better knowing your needs, your limits, your fantasies and your principles.

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