đź’¦ Lube, O my lube

đź’¦ Lube, O my lube

What are the physical benefits of lube? Why is it essential to normalize its use and destroy the clichés that surround it?

Lubricant is one of those fluids whose use is still shrouded in misconceptions and fears. In every way, however, lube might as well be celebrated, both for its physical benefits and for what it symbolically represents in the normalization of sexuality . At the risk of surprising you: sex is not like in the movies. There are times when it itches, when it stings, before, during, after; there are times when you need to stop, moments of transition when you slide a trembling hand into the drawer in search of the magic tube, when you don't quite know where to apply it, when you stain the sheet a little because we dosed it wrong. Applying lubricant means accepting that sexuality is an imperfect space that can be explored and built with awareness.

 Regardless of your gender identity, sexual or relationship orientation, or practices, lube is here to do you good . Contrary to popular belief, it is neither just for cis women, nor just for penetration. And whether you are polyamorous, heterosexual, plan Q, exclusive.ve.s, or even alone , you will quickly feel that the lubricant is one more opportunity to create complicity and add a filter of sweetness to your sexuality. Minuit Treize tells you all about its benefits, how to choose it and how to use it serenely!


Bye bye discomfort, hello softness

 Naturally, the vagina secretes lubrication which keeps the mucous membranes moist and supple. The quantity and composition of this secretion, which is called cyprine or “wet” for friends, varies according to people and times of the menstrual cycle and life. Its functions include making the vagina self-cleaning (magic! no need for those ugly supermarket wipes), and lubricating. The lack of lubrication is still associated with something negative, shameful, like not being able to do something that should be produced in abundance as if by magic.

 Yet, despite all the excitement in the world, well sometimes you don't get wet: there's nothing abnormal about that . Many people with a vagina experience dryness, tingling, vaginal or vulvar irritation in particular. This discomfort results from various factors that can be combined: menopause, postpartum, antidepressants, variations in libido , lifestyle, chemotherapy, stress, STIs, lack of hydration…. In the long run, the sexuality of a person suffering from such ailments can find itself in tension between the desire to take pleasure and the fear of being hurt or the anticipation of pain.

 And that's where the lube comes in as an anti-drought superhero ! The lubricant moisturizes the vaginal wall, reduces friction and the resulting pain. It is an essential element for more fluid sexual intercourse but also for softer caresses. In addition, friction generates a risk of rupture of the condom . In any case, the lubricant can reduce this risk by keeping the condom soaked and effective for longer.


Amplify sensations with lubricant

 In addition to making sexual intercourse more serene , the lubricant is a great ally to vary the sensations and take more pleasure . There are today various compositions and providing various sensations: some can act on the temperature (cold or hot), others allow to delay or accelerate the enjoyment (even if, as a reminder, the enjoyment is not necessarily the ultimate goal). Choose natural, organic, vegan, or even flavored if you want to spice up oral sex. There are even CBD lubricants, known to reduce pain.

 Some chemicals can dry out very quickly, stick, or have a weird smell or gooey texture. Do not hesitate to read the composition of the products you will use and to search on the internet if you have the slightest doubt (to avoid: parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, perfume, essential oils, sugar, glycerin). In general, avoid super chemical and neon colored supermarket lubricants. Instead, we recommend water-based lubricants , which are soft, natural, and compatible with dildos , silicone or glass sex toys, and latex. Silicone-based lubricants are not compatible with silicone intimate toys, nor biodegradable (silicone is derived from petroleum), but are the best allies of intimate toys made of glass, metal and latex condoms.


Glide in complete serenity

 It's very simple: take a dab of lubricant on your fingers or in the hollow of your palm, and apply it where you want it to slide a little more (vulva, anus, entrance to the vagina, clitoris, penis). You can apply it to the mucous membranes of your partner and/or yours - especially when you have a sensitive clitoris or frenulum, or a large penis - but also on a condom or on a sex toy. Feel free to add more or rinse with clear water if you feel the need.

Many brands and personalities who work on positive sex are working to destroy the clichés about lube in order to explore healthy sexuality. If your partner is embarrassed or expresses fear related to the lack of information, do not hesitate to try using lubricant alone and talk to him/her about it to reassure him/her!

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